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Co-Tech Jun Sales was NTD299 Million, increased 10% YoY

(July 9th 2014, Taipei News)

Co-Tech (TWN Stock code 8358) announced its June self consolidated sales amounted to

NTD 299 million, a 10% increased in sales on a YoY basis.
  The decline in copper prices

in June has caused some customers to delay
their shipment and thereby sales has declined

16% on a MoM basis.

Close to 60% of June sales were contributed by thin copper foil which are
applied on Notebook

computers and Smart phones. The thin copper foil
sales declined close to 17% on a MoM basis,

‘and declined close to 28% on a YoY basis. The thick copper foil sales also experienced a 16%

decline and
a 6% decline on a MoM and YoY basis respectively. As July Copper prices has

increased over 4%, Co-Tech expects a stronger sales in July.

The copper foil industry will experience greater competition in the 2nd half of the
year due to new

production capacity built. Co-Tech has invested in copper oxide
powder in an effort to drive sales to

counter the intense copper foil market competition.
Co-Tech will commence sampling in the 3rd

quarter to their PCB customers for certification
and since certification process is expected to be long,

Co-Tech expects to start shipment
in the 4th Quarter.

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