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Co-Tech January Sales was NTD391 Million, increased 33% MoM << Back to List

Co-Tech January Sales was NTD391 Million, increased 33% MoM
Co-Tech (TWN Stock code 8358) announced its January self consolidated sales amounted

to NTD 391 million, a 1% decline on a YoY basis and a 33% growth on a MoM basis.

Among its January shipment, its 1/3oz thin copper foil, mainly applied on smart phones,

enjoyed a historical high in both its shipment and sales. Co-Tech missed its 1/3 oz growth

with the global smart phones last year due to the damaged caused by a fire, fortunately, it

was able to recover close to 100% of its production in the 4th quarter, and expects to

increase its smart phones used 1/3 oz shipment this year. 

The shipment of copper foil applied in Notebook computer enjoyed a growth too, driven

by the PC change wave.However, due to technology improvement, NB were able to switch

to a cheaper and slimmer copper foil, therefore, sales was not able to reflect such growth.

Co-Tech’s copper foil for automobile shipment was quite stable in January, in line with

market expectation this year. According to some marketing research agencies, the PCB

industry is expected to enjoy a about 3% growth in year 2014, which is higher than the

average 0.8% growth in year 2013.Besides, the 2014 is the expected wave of replacement

for PCs, a favorable year for the copper foil industry.

Co-Tech is the only OTC listed ED copper foil supplier in Taiwan and its major application

are on 3C products, customers including CCL and PCB makers, thin copper foil applied on

smart phones and Notebook PCs are the major products of the company.

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