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Co-Tech December sales amounted to NTD293 Million, << Back to List

Co-Tech December sales amounted to NTD293 Million, decreased 4.9% MoM

(Jan 7th,2014 Taipei News)

Co Tech (Twn ticker 8358) announced its self consolidated December sales amounted

to NTD 293 million , which was a 19% decreased and a 4.9% decreased on a YoY and
MoM basis respectively.

The self accumulated sales for Year 2013 amounted to 4.04 billion, a 14% decreased
compared to the previous year, mostly due to the fire in May last year. Although the

thin copper foil production was affected by the fire, it still contributed over 55% of

total sales in 2013unfortunately, the equipment for flexible copper foil were
seriously damaged and expected to recover production around 2nd half of 2014 after
all equipment are fully installed.

According to some marketing research agencies, the PCB industry is expected to enjoy
a about 3% growth in year 2014, which is higher than the average 0.8% growth in
year 2013. Besides, the 2014 is the expected wave of replacement for PCs, should
therefore be a good year for the copper foil industry.

Co-Tech is the only OTC listed ED copper foil supplier in Taiwan and its major
application are on 3C products, customers including CCL and PCB makers, thin copper
foil applied on smart phones and Notebook PCs are
the major products of the company.

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