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Environmental protection policy
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Environmental protection policy
The environmental policy declares
Co-Tech produces the copper foil forand designs Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) and Multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB). During the process, chemical components are needed. Under the belief of “minimizing the pollution, cherish the sources, caring for environment and saving the earth”, every employeeindividual in Co-Tech devotes to protect the environment. By obtaining the ISO-14001 certificate we slowly came to build up the system.

So here are our promises:
1. Establish working environment under the guidance of ISO-14001, keep on improving to best managing our environment.
2. Execute environmental studies and fulfill it.
3. Follow the rules and guidancesguidance.
4. Establish the rules and set up goals in order to put them in to practice.
5. Doing more to improve the environment, producing less waste
6. Save energy and testing on using less polluting materials.
7. Provide our customers and suppliers with environmental rules and promotes it to the society as well.
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