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Company Introduction

Co-Tech was established by Raymond Soong (Lite-On Group), James Chan (Kwon-Lung Group), Jason Lok and Grant Jiang (GVC electronic Group) with 65 million US Dollars capital in May 1998.

Our Mission:To Produce and to provide sufficient ''Electro-deposit  Copper Foil,'' a key material in making ''Copper Clad Laminate'' (CCL) and "Multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB)" as well as to open up the foreign business:To fully satisfy our customers in what they need and aim to be top three copper foil manufacturer in the world.

Implication of Our Name

Management Team

Mr.C.H. Chen was selected as the chairman and Mr.Frank Lee selected as the president. President ke graduated from National Chiao Tung university, he has got 30 years experience in electronic field, and has expertise in production and management, As for the other high-level engineers and managers, their background range from constructing plants, electric engineering, mechanical engineering, planting and production, to management in general. Most importantly, strong teamwork and consensus are invaluable intangible assets found in the management team.Cotech had mass-production in 1999 with the capacity of 6,000 metric tons per year, and the new expansion in 2008, the total capacity will be 7,000 metric tons per year.

Position in the Industry
Now (spec follower)
Japanese copper foil manufacturers and the PCB industry had inseparable relationship for numbers decade, Co-tech stay along with the specification follower to achieved the goal of 'catches up with the date by 5 years to the same Japanese copper foil manufacturers in 30 years'. The production capability, the product category and quality level, all hasd the honor to have the affirmation from our customers.

Future (Spec creator)
Have reached the world class level in the quality and the popularity, diligently and the customer will research andto  develop with customers together in the high-end product material market creates the new application, will enhance customers’its competitive power.
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